On September 24, 2011, Got Green hosted the “Green Women, Healthy Voices: We will be heard!” to release survey findings from the Women in the Green Economy Project and recommendations to the public at a community event at South Lake High School in Rainier Valley.  The new green economy should mean that all communities have access to good paying green jobs, money to buy healthy foods, healthy homes that are energy efficient and free of toxins, and affordable public transportation. Watch videos from the event here!

Videos provided by Inye Wokoma

Also, check out the video below by one of Got Green’s partners, Puget Sound Sage (click here to check out their website).

Got Green?, a program of the White Center CDA, produced a hip hop video highlighting the importance of green jobs, green initiatives, and energy conservation. This video debuted at the 2009 White Center Community Summit in December; featuring longstanding Seattle hip hop figureheads Silver Shadow D, Laura “Piece” Kelley, and more.

Check out the rest of Got Green related videos!

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  1. […] report back to the community event was a success! You can now watch VIDEO from the event right here on the Got Green […]


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